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Rubber Road Adventures Magazine

Recycled Wood Blocks: Snowman Family by Debi Wind - Special Edition 2011 Rubber Road Adventures

One of the best things about Snowmen themes is that they aren't limited to the Christmas season. They have longevity beginning with Autumn and lasting until Winter wanes. That's quite a few months to enjoy them. With Debi Winds rendition, you would hardly recognize that this Snowman Family is constructed with Recycled Wood Mounts!
RRA Recycled Wood Mounts 2011 Debi Wind Snowman Family

Recycled Wood Mounts: Beeswax Cats by Suzanne Saupe ~ Special Edition 2011 Rubber Road Adventures

Have you been unmounting your wood mounted rubber stamps, too? Have you been wondering what to do with all those wood blocks? You've come to the right place! Suzanne Saupe has turned her muse and the cats loose in this Recycled Wood Mount project, and they are simply the Cat's Meow!
RRA Recycled Wood Mounts 2011 Suzanne Saupe Beeswax Cats

Recycled Wood Mounts: Chunky ATC Holder by Judy Cantrell - Special Edition 2011 Rubber Road Adventures

You've unmounted rubber stamps from wood blocks and have accumulated quite a stash.  Learn to recycle those wood mounts into beautiful and functional home decor items.  For starters, Judy Cantrell is showing us how to make a holder for those ever-popular ATCs (Artist Trading Cards).  In this same manner, this project could be used as a note, recipe, or picture holder.  Bigger blocks can house more than one wire holder, and smaller blocks can be just as accommodating and cute.
RRA Recycled Wood Mounts 2011 Judy Cantrell Atc Holder

Recycled Wood Mount Necklace by Cindi Bisson - Special Edition 2011 Rubber Road Adventures

Who could ever speculate that Recycled Wood Mounts would make such sassy looking jewelry? Cindi Bisson sports a clever idea and exhibits how easy woodburning is with the multipurpose Hot Marks Tool!
RRA Recycled Wood Mounts 2011 Cindi Bisson Necklace

Recycled Wood Mounts Starring Big City Rabbit by Nancy Leimer - Special Edition 2011 Rubber Road Adventures

This display comes just in time for Easter Festivities. Nancy Leimer was having so much fun working with Recycled Wood Mounts that she was definitely on a roll.  It looks like the Easter Parade has come to town!  After the holiday, leave the Big City Rabbit on display throughout the Spring months.  He's a real show-off with those fancy legs and vest!
RRA Recycled Wood Mounts Special Edition 2011 Nancy Leimer Chunky City Rabbit

No Unmounted Wood Blocks for Recycled Projects? Try CHUNKY ART by Lea Cioci - Special Edition 2011 Rubber Road Adventures

What to do if you have no wood mounts from rubber stamps to recycle for art projects? Create Chunky Art from 2x4 wood available at local hardware stores or salvage interesting weathered wood. Actually, Chunky Art has no bounderies and can be any size chunky wood block. Lea Cioci is in a romantic mood and applies that theme to evoke a dreamy style Chunky ATC.
RRA Recycled Wood Special Edition 2011 Lea Cioci Chunky Art Lost in Love

Art Glass Necklace by Suzanne Saupe ~ Small Fry Cafe ~ Feb 2011

This may be the first time Suzanne Saupe has created this type of necklace, but she approaches it like the pro that she is! This fine art piece will steal the show and turn heads whenever you wear it!

Framed Oriental Inspiration by Suzanne Saupe ~ Small Fry Cafe Feb 2011

If you have any scruffy looking picture frames tucked away, plan on attending this class and bring along some Liquid Nails. Suzanne Saupe is revamping an old, mini frame and will coach you on techinques for restoring it.

Zentangle ATC by Suzanne Saupe ~ Small Fry Cafe~ Feb 2011

Out from the bottomless pit of art comes the spirit of fancy doodling! Suzanne Saupe provides plenty of inspiration from her sample to keep you entertained.

Heat Embossed Tiny Box ~ by Suzanne Saupe ~ Small Fry Cafe Feb 2011

The popularity of art boxes is a strong one, and that trend is becoming a classic. There is always a purpose to a box, and they never go out of style! Mingle with Suzanne Saupe as she takes a plain wood box and gives it the semblance of metal. The Native American Indian concho and corded topknot set the theme.

Puzzling Art Face by Suzanne Saupe ~ ~ ~Small Fry Cafe Winter 2011

The Small Fry Cafe warmly invites you in for a sweet treat!
Learn the art of Puzzling with Suzanne Saupe. Start off with this whimsical ornament that could be used as a necklace. Before long, you will be Puzzling brooches, book covers, cards, mobiles, book markers, and whatever else the inventive mind can dream up! Just like putting a puzzle together, you will want to use up every piece for Puzzling Art.

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